Spring Safety & Green Upgrades

‘Tis the season for cleaning! Go beyond the typical and try for some green upgrades and safety improvements on your Emerson Ranch home this spring.

Check out the state of your home’s exterior and interior after the stormy winter months, and then see if there’s any part of your home that could go green. Making green improvements doesn’t have to be a months-long process. In just a few minutes you can install a sink water filtration system to save money on bottled water or swap out incandescent bulbs for much more efficient and longer-lasting LED bulbs.

Go a little greener while saving money on your monthly electric bill by buying a conserve power switch. Just plug the switch into a wall outlet and it will read the kilowatt usage of an appliance. This way, you can unplug the appliances that waste the most energy when they’re not in use. The small adjustments can add up to big savings for you over the year.

In addition to saving money, these safety improvements could save you hassle and prevent accidents. Make sure all large furniture pieces, like televisions and bookcases, are anchored to a wall to prevent them from tipping over. This can help avoid injuries from falling furniture and at the very least save you from cleaning up a big mess. If you have little ones around, it’s a good idea to pick up some outlet covers to keep curious fingers out of danger. And don’t forget to upgrade your window coverings to cordless options to prevent injuries.

These easy updates and improvements will save you money and hassle at your new home at Emerson Ranch.

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