School Tips and Tricks

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We’ve gathered a few helpful tips sure to help the kids succeed in the classroom while keeping the whole family organized and less stressed when taking on the school year.

Finding a good method to manage everyone’s schedule is a must during the school year. Take some time to create a family command center with a calendar where you can write down practices, important dates and more. You can even put pads of bright post-its for leaving important notes and a dropbox for things you may need to sign or look at like permission slips and teacher’s notes.

When it comes to schedules, it’s helpful when your littles can stay on top of their own! Get them a planner or another time management tool that they are excited to use. Then, make some time at the end of each week to go over important dates or events coming up. They will learn plenty about time management by setting apart and sticking to time for homework, extracurricular activities and play.

A great way to help your kids follow a schedule and stay organized is by making your nighttime routine similar to theirs. Their allotted homework time can be a time for you to do your own work or get ahead on a project. Pack your own bag and lunch for tomorrow with them and leave it by the door so you’re all ready to grab and go in the morning. And it never hurts to add a little bit of family time each night, whether it be a card game, watching an episode of your favorite show or making ice cream sundaes.

These simple tips and tricks are bound to help keep your Oakley students ahead of the game and your Emerson Ranch family happy and organized.

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