Costumed Cuties


Halloween is on the horizon, but does your little one have a costume yet? We’ve got you covered with these cute and simple costumes you can whip up in no time.

If something quick and simple is what you’re going for, this no-sew pumpkin costume will do the trick. With some felt, scissors and magic fingers, you can turn your little pumpkin into an actual pumpkin. Or with a bobble headband and some black and yellow tulle, you’ll have the cutest bumble bee buzzing about.

For those wanting to get a little crafty, make your fierce little dinosaur the tail they deserve with felt and hot glue. Your little can have their head in the clouds in this aviator costume, or they can shoot for the stars as an astronaut for the day.

And if you’ve got inseparable siblings on hand, why not go for a group costume? Have fun creating these bright and colorful lemonade and ice cream stands for a couple of sweet sisters. And you can’t go wrong with Batman and Robin for a pair of super brothers.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, don’t miss out on the Halloween festivities this year and get to crafting!



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