Great Shows in Your Great Room

Family time is the best time in Emerson Ranch, even on a lazy night at home. Jump into your comfy clothes, curl up in your spacious great room and check out some of the most binge-worthy TV shows.

There’s nothing quite like when your favorite book becomes a television show, and Anne with an E is a reimagining of the children’s classic Anne of Green Gables. Making the list as one of Netflix’s most binged shows of 2018, this coming-of-age story about a young orphan will be a family favorite.

Another popular book-turned-show that has taken Netflix by storm is A Series of Unfortunate Events, following the Baudelaire orphans in a quest to unlock family secrets. If you’re not familiar with the books, this mysterious series is definitely a great family read before binging the brand new show.

Looking for a family classic with plenty of seasons? Every kid needs to meet Steve Urkel, so check out Family Matters on Hulu. There are 9 seasons of comedy and learning about family and relationships to look forward to. Another favorite to invest in is Full House. Hulu has 8 Seasons of the 1987 classic, and you can switch right over to the 2016 spin-off, Fuller House, for more laughs and family fun.

In need of something different? Check out Netflix’s most binged shows of 2018 to find a new favorite. And make family time in your great room at Emerson Ranch full of laughing, learning and great television.

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