It’s Time to Get Organized

The new year is here, which means there’s no better time to get your home organized. These easy tips will help your home go from cluttered to coordinated.


The key to getting the house organized is by starting small. Begin with something specific – like junk drawers, nightstands, medicine cabinets plus the refrigerator and pantry. Throw out expired food, products or other items that aren’t necessary to keep. If you end up finding good non-perishable food you’re not going to eat, donate it to a food pantry.


Once you’ve got your smaller spaces decluttered and organized, it’s time to move on to the bigger areas. Make your walk-in closet feel spacious again. Invest in some shoe racks to keep your collection from piling up on the floor. You can even add cute storage boxes, baskets and canvas cubbies for keeping accessories plus clunkier sweaters and clothing items.


The kids love having their space to play, so you can find ways to help them learn organization skills. Give them designated cubbies or baskets where things like toys, books and art supplies go. Label them to make clean-up time go even quicker. Plus, under-bed storage is a life saver for storing items they don’t use as frequently.


These are just a few tips for starting the organization process in your brand new Emerson Ranch home. Take it one room at a time with other helpful tricks from HGTV.

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